Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cursed, Book One of The Devils Roses

Free - 581 pages

Some girls have all the luck and the love, Aimee James is not one of these girls. Luck avoids her at all costs and love couldn't be further away.
That is until the fateful night she agrees to attend her first party, ever.
She loses her best friend while accidentally stealing another and meets a stranger, no one else can see, who sets her body aflame with desire.
Things heat up and Aimee finds herself in love with two guys at once but as bad luck would have it she also finds her life on the line.
She must choose between living and loving for the first time.
The questions she must ask herself, Is it worth it to live forever if the person you love doesn't know you're alive, literally? Or is it better to die with their kiss upon your lips?


Free - 68 pages

It was a normal day. Then giant robots erupted out of the ground and began destroying mankind. As told by Jack, the keeper of the Journal, this story chronicles the last days of mankind.


Free - 166 pages

Corith and the crew of a research vessel are driven off course and into the Beyond, a taboo area of permanent exile. Determined to find a way around the banishment Corith and his guardian, Professor Aldred, endeavor to persuade the captain and crew to find a way home despite the resistance of the ships clergyman, the Pryator. Things become interesting as they discover the Beyond is not at all like what they were lead to believe.

Astra: Synchronicity

Free - 674 pages

Magnius Zoleki has everything a fifty-year-old man could want — except the psionic assassin trying to kill him.

In 2310, humans persecute psions and hunt them to extinction regardless of guilt. Magnius is one of them: an evolutionary offshoot of mankind known for their psychic abilities and tendency to murder in order to utilize their power. Despite using his telekinesis sparingly, his secret makes it back to his childhood tutor. She murdered his best friend's father in cold blood, giving him every reason to run away before his abilities manifested. Now with the hope he'll join her cause to strike down humanity, she sends an assassin to bring him home. Of course, that doesn’t mean he needs to bring him in one piece.

As a consequence of his double life, Magnius faces divorce, bankruptcy, and death—but not necessarily in that order. In his flight to survive, he meets Amii Martin, a woman who recently lost her memory in a laboratory accident. She implores him for help rescuing the only man with ties to her past after relations with a benevolent alien race take a tragic turn. The last thing Magnius needs is to get mixed up in an ugly war, but in order to escape the clutches of his nefarious mentor and save Amii’s father, he’s willing to risk it or die trying.

Astra: Synchronicity is the first novel in the Astra trilogy, a story that follows in the epic tradition of Cyteen and Dune.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Fox

Free - 772 pages

The Fox is a captivating, fascinating historical romance about ancient and modern people, their traditions, beliefs, customs, and culture.It paints a word picture rich in breath-taking scenery and unique characters.It's a powerful love story full of passion, courage,and tragedy.The Fox shows why it is important to know and appreciate the sacrifices and challenges of the past to live well in today.

Therapy Kills

Free - 51 pages

What would it take for a human to disregard all sense of right and wrong? To take matters into their own hands and punish those who they deem unworthy to live? In Therapy Kills you will relive an account of one mans trip across the fine line of morality and into the domain of insane justice. He has his victims noted and he has his reasons but do you have the nerve to read what happens?

The Last Game

Free - 179 pages

Four people have been invited to play a game of poker with a difference. The four strangers facing each other across a table, gambling everything they have, to win the only thing that they have in common and cannot share.

They have agreed to come and put it all on the line because they have no other choice.

The three men and a woman are very different, gambling in their own particular way, looking for the edge, watched over by a hostess who is much more than she seems.

Let the game begin.

Smallworld: A Science Fiction Adventure Comedy

Free - 668 pages

"A showcase for Green's bone-dry satire and deadpan humour ... Green's agile imagination constantly wrong-foots the reader. A delight."
-Peter Ingham, The Telegraph

"The work of a talented writer having lots of very smart fun"
-- S F Winser,

Smallworld is like nothing you've read before... innovative speculative fiction from Hugo-listed Brit SF writer Dominic Green.

Mount Ararat, a world the size of an asteroid yet with Earth-standard gravity, plays host to a farming community whose children are protected by the Devil, a mechanical killing machine.

But who placed the robot there, and who - or what - is really in need of protection?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Free - 629 pages

After a serious gun battle in which his partner is injured to the point of not being able to work, Jake Wylie confronts the most dangerous criminal he's faced in years. Has Gabriel, a serial killer from his past, returned? Or is this a new villain?

A series of disturbing nightmares plagues Jake, leading him to believe some evil is stalking him. Not an imaginative man, this feeling is new for him.

With his partner unable to return to work, Jake is saddled with a relatively new detective for his next partner. She is a great distraction at times.

Jake also battles his boss, who is determined to get him fired. Jealousy is his main motive.

As nothing seems to work in capturing the new killer, Jake and his new partner, Sheila, find an attraction building between them. One that transcends their work. Jake also begins finding out very disturbing things about himself.

The Disembodied

Free - 38 pages

In the trees. In the mist.

An apprentice mortician moves his family to the small town of Sotherton to provide them with a better life. Little did he know the dark secret the town and its people harbored.
The town sat on the edge of a mist-shrouded forest with a deadly secret. Something lives in the trees, in the mist and it’s jealous. Jealous of all those who have flesh.

Disembodied is a free preview story from the author’s upcoming collection Creatures and Crypts due out in late 2011. Creatures of the living and the dead gather in a volume of over 70,000 words to stalk their prey…humans. 20 stories set the scene for a cast ranging from the Grim Reaper, shambling zombies and restless spirits, to unimaginable monsters that only inhabit the shapeless darkness and the author’s imagination. Join them as they wreak havoc on their unsuspecting victims and celebrate with a victory dance on hollowed bones.

The Man Who Couldn't Be Bought

Free - 132 pages

It's a rare night that freelance Tunneler Miles Franco gets to have a little fun and play bad jazz in a run-down bar. So when a Vei woman strolls in wanting passage to the alternate dimension her people come from, he's a little reluctant to take the job. The only thing is, he's flat broke, and the woman is waving a lot of money in his face. Besides, as a Tunneler, interdimensional transport is kind of his business.

But this job might not go as smoothly as he hoped. The Vei woman is on the run from a group of seductive female gangsters called the Silk Dragons, and Miles, naturally, finds himself in the line of fire. He’s never been good around beautiful women, and if he's not careful, these ones will kiss him goodnight and put a bullet in him at the same time.

One way or another, it's gonna be a hell of a job.

THE MAN WHO COULDN'T BE BOUGHT is a noir-drenched urban fantasy short story.

This short story is approximately 8000 words long. 

Dead is Dead

Free - 444 pages

Jake Thorne is a fixer for the MGM, the biggest and best of the Studio's that rule Hollywood's golden age. If you're a big shot, Jake will sober you up, pay off the cops and keep it out of the papers.
So when a too-young girl shows up strangled in a big director's garden, Jake's on the job.
But there's something about the girl that bothers him, and when the usually compliant cops try to warn him off, he decides to find out who she was.
His search takes him into the world of abandoned girls, pimps and porn dealers, and into his own past where he is forced to confront who he was, what he did, and who he has become.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lost in Glory

Free - 689 pages

"Lost in Glory" is a parody of heroic fantasy literature. A hero sets out on a journey to defeat the Evil Empire, or so he thinks. Thinking isn't his strong point. Will he find his way in a world full of absurdity? Will the Joyous Beige Dragon guide him to victory? Will everything go the protagonist's way like it usually does in such novels?


Free - 37 pages

Chastity Bream doesn't dance anymore. She also can't walk, speak or think. She's fed through a tube, turned twice a day and left alone in her bed. That is except for him - the one in her closet, who comes out to tend to her needs. And his. 

Heart of Gold

Free - 131 pages

Wyoming, 1902--Ranch foreman Charlie Welch suspects his boss's daughter has returned home with purely selfish motives--she wants money.
After being estranged from her father for years, Opal Bright hopes her homecoming will result in both reconciliation and a solution to help the orphanage she sponsors back home in Omaha.
When Charlie and Opal find themselves mixed up with a ragtag group of bandits and trapped in an abandoned gold mine, they must risk everything to survive... including their hearts.

Eye of the Witch

Free - 469 pages

Pride, paranoia and paranormal forces all conspire to derail Detective Marcella’s investigation into a series of suspicious suicides in New Castle, Massachusetts. In this sequel to The Witch’s Ladder, Marcella learns that because of the ties that bind their pasts, every potential victim is also a possible suspect.

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Lilean Chronicles - Redemption

Free - 691 pages

two ancient prophecies, both foretelling the extinction of a race. two sides racing to their appointment with destiny. a terrible tide of evil laying waste to their world. so much rage, fear and a baby crying. a single baby prophesied to save lilea and many other worlds from extinction by the transmortal army. one single man who will bring an end to the evil that almost wiped them out and in doing so, save many worlds from their darkness. vincent worries for his sanity as he suffers the nightmares and hears the voices in the dreams. as he battles with the nightmares and the source of the voices in the dreams is revealed, he begins to discover his destiny and finds that there are other forces at work against him.

many worlds away farra discovers her part in his great task. can she survive the terrors that lurk in the tunnels and can she unmask the mysterious killer? the ancient spirit people take them on a journey through space and time as they both race from world to world to meet their date with destiny and fulfil the prophecy.           

Haunted Love

Free - 39 pages

Spirit, Texas, is a town of secrets, and as the new owner of the local haunted movie theater, Cody Stryker is juggling more than his fair share. When a mysterious new girl comes to town and runs afoul of the ghost that lives in his theater, Cody's caught in the middle and needs to figure out exactly who he can trust.

HAUNTED LOVE is a short story by New York Times Bestseller Cynthia Leitich Smith -- set in the same dark universe as her novels TANTALIZE, ETERNAL, and BLESSED. This story includes a sneak preview of Cynthia Leitich Smith's latest novel, DIABOLICAL, which unites characters from the previous three novels in the Tantalize Series along with a fascinating cast of all-new characters for a suspenseful, action-packed clash between the forces of heaven and hell.

Hunted - Jake The Ripper

Free - 106 pages

Jake has watched a band of Hunters lay waste to the only family he has... the undead! Now he's also being hunted too, especially by The Mad Prophet. He is the last vampire left. However, in the middle of surviving the shrewdness of his big time nemesis and escaping, he discovers a secret, one owned by the hunters themselves and one only he can stop... before it spirals out of control.

Butler Did It!

Free - 477 pages

When Katherine Annenberg, a beautiful South African photographer scuba diving in the Seychelles, saves a drowning man, she discovers that someone is trying to kill both of them. 
A chance rescue by Matthew Butler and his sidekick Tommy Cooper, suddenly thrusts them, along with the zany crew of their converted LST, the Pelican, into conflict with a murderous band of gunrunners attempting to foment a revolution by the theft of an ancient treasure.
Using everything from Leonardo’s Parachute to an orange juice cannon, unlikely hero Matthew Butler and his crew battle the mysterious death merchant, Alexander Levasseur, in the hope of recovering the treasure and preventing a civil war.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Journal

Free - 331 pages

It is 2102. On one of the worst days of her life, Amala makes a discovery that will change her life forever. In a world with little use for paper books, she finds tucked away behind a dusty bookshelf the journal of a teenage girl written in 2001. Although over 90 years separate the two teenage girls, Amala soon learns that navigating the difficult waters of adolescence and life transcends time, but more importantly, she uncovers a valuable story about faith in an uncertain world that resonates with her own experience.

Young adults are certain to appreciate the fresh, authentic writing style taken from actual teenage journals and the candid way challenging, relevant issues are addressed.

Vessa's Grave

Free - 27 pages

Kurgan's wife is dead. Killed. Kurgan, torn by grief, is determined to find the redheaded man responsible for her death and get revenge.

But then a tall, mysterious woman steps out of the forest -- Enëla the Wanderer, a Nereid of unimaginable age, a figure from legend. Through her gentle power, she attempts to quiet Kurgan's wrath, and to instill peace and forgiveness in a heart churning with rage and grief. Can she dissuade him before more die?

Wolf Medicine

Free - 174 pages

An old Indian legend of shapeshifters haunts a young woman who is following reports of large wolves in the area. Isolated in a cabin deep in the New Hampshire woods, she finds romance with a young Abenaki man with deep green eyes and learns that wolves can also become men.

Alana Weatherbee (Book 1)

Free - 250 pages

Fifteen year old Alana Weatherbee leaves home for the first time to study at the School of Shines of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Finding herself the school outcast, she gains acceptance by becoming champion of the Labyrinth Games in spite of her teammates, the school bullies. Then Alana meets Logan, another outcast and, together, they fight to save their world from the evil Book of Spells.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Free - 995 pages

Two scientists from Earth discover how to make a worm hole within minutes of a global nuclear attack. After fleeing through the wormhole, they discover entirely new sensations. With the scientific knowledge of earth, and the ability to use spiritual energy to affect the world around them, the scientists create a paradise for the human inhabitants; until they disagree on the form of governing...

A war engulfs the planet as the scientists try to assert their form of governing. Jerard gives a species from the spirit realm authority to possess the bodies of any law-breakers for a short time to help prevent crime. Terrance insists these beings are not mature enough to support such an idealistic role, which proves correct as the Gorinthian spirits begin possessing people for the sole purpose of experiencing human sensations. Terrance and his allies finally defeat Jerard and his host of Gorinthians by creating a shield below the planet's crust that prevents the planet's spirit from reaching the surface. As a result, the entire world almost dies as refugees are forced into small pockets where the planet's spirit burst through the shield at a much higher pressure. The effect of the planet's overwhelming spirit causes severe mutations in the few hotspots left around the globe. Humans begin to change into a different species, while plant life becomes more exotic and sentient. This story takes place two thousand years after the great war, with the shield that protected the planet's inhabitants from the Gorinthians has nearly disintegrated. It is up to a small group of people from the city of Chasel Ri' Aven to find a way to stop the Gorinthian hordes before it is too late. To add to the confusion, the wormhole that deposited Terrance and Jerard on the new world was never disconnected. It flops through space-time like a true worm, sucking unsuspecting humans and other species onto the new world at random.

Gorinthians is another story in the Mirrors of the World saga. Each book is a look into the same core group of character's lives, but in different dimensions. Each story is completely autonomous from my other titles, unless listed as a sequel. Hopefully this will help to reduce some of the confusion regarding the similarities of Shalilayo and Gorinthians. They are both stories of the same group of characters, but each story focuses on a separate parallel universe where their adventures are unique.