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Free - 579 pages

Book 2

When a series of linked murders forces GalCop to outlaw the shadow organisation known as ΓΆ??The Dark Wheel', a mysterious top secret document must be found in order to stave off a galactic conflict. The document contains a devastating secret; the key to domination, power and control. A secret as old as space itself, the location of the legendary planet ΓΆ??Raxxla'.

First book "Status Quo"

Red Leaves and the Living Token

Free - 152 pages

Doctors tell Raj that his son Emret won't survive his illness. As Raj struggles to prepare himself and Emret for the inevitable, he's confronted by Moslin, his son's nurse, who’s been filling Emret’s head with fairytales about heroic quests and powerful disease curing miracles. Emret now thinks that all he has to do is find the mythical Red Tree from the nurse's stories, and he'll live.

In an attempt to protect his son from further emotional damage, Raj asks Moslin to stay away from Emret. He returns hours later to find them both missing.

He searches the fairytales for clues to where they may have gone and stumbles upon stories that, strangely, he already knows. He saw them in a vision just before his son disappeared.

Victory Garden: A Novel

Free - 458 pages

Mr. President, what will you do for woman suffrage?

It’s 1917, and Rose Scofield knows exactly what she’ll do for woman suffrage. She’ll fight with her very life to make votes for women a reality.

A headstrong young woman who yearns to be herself in a time when women weren’t free, Rose comes of age when world wars are new and automobiles, moving pictures, and airplanes are marvels of technology. She falls in love with Adam Bell, a vaudeville actor who travels the country with his brothers gathering laughs and hard knocks, though she denies her feelings for him, fearing he could prove to be her weakness. When Rose is arrested for her suffragist activities, she’s kept in solitary confinement and violently force fed. After her release she must come to terms with her dreams for the future.

Can we trust our government to do what is best for us? What must we sacrifice in times of war? And what must women suffer to be truly equal? Victory Garden is a reminder of how far we’ve come…and how far we still have to go.

A Wedding Story

Free - 128 pages

Ruth Anne Barbellis—unhappily nicknamed "Rhubarb" by her lifelong enemy, Bobby Wichowski—is in Wedding Hell. Why?

Her sister is marrying Bobby's brother.

She's trussed up in a bridesmaid dress that must have been designed originally as a Victorian Torture Chamber.

To teach them a lesson, she and Bobby have been assigned to the Kiddie Table.

And that's only the beginning...

The Selkie's Diamonds

Free - 396 pages

Book 2

When Rebekah is given a pair of diamond earrings for her soon-to-be wed cousin Emma, she has no idea that the earrings will draw her into a world she had believed imaginary, and that the responibility for saving Emma's life will fall on her.

First book is "More Than a Game"

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The Golden Book

Free - 1007 pages

Trevor Thomas wants to be a fantasy hero... and it's easy to see why.
Trevor's parents died when he was young, so he's been forced to live with his closest relatives. He doesn't fit in at school, either, and he certainly can't talk to girls-especially not with Mariah Murphy, his next-door neighbor.
Instead, Trevor spends most of his time locked inside his redwood wardrobe, reading fantasy books. So when he stumbles upon a mysterious golden book, Trevor figures it'll be a good way to spend his weekend. Only, this book's peculiar-besides being blank after page thirty, it's got a riddle.
A riddle written in blood.
And when something awful happens to Mariah Murphy, Trevor has no choice but to use his knowledge of fantasy books to solve the riddle.
But when he does, Trevor's own fantasy turns to a nightmare, as he realizes the golden book might not be fiction after all.
Trevor has spent his whole life wishing he could be a hero... now he will finally get his chance.

The Vampire Across the Hall

Free - 27 pages

Daisi Malone lives in the Presidio Building in Newtown, Sydney, Australia. The building is mysterious and its residents even more so. There is the couple with lots of children, the Glee Club and the English Backpackers- although not for long. In this, the first story by Daisi Malone, she meets her neighbour, Madden, the Vampire across the hall.

The Second book in the series, The Vampire Across the Hall 2- The Murmuring Lift, has been published under the name Daisi Malone.

Legendary Blue Diamond

Free - 403 pages

Some say the legendary blue diamond commenced in Australia in 1850 when a man who had skin, the colour of the night sky and a woman who had skin the colour of the sun were united as one. Jessica Hayes was robbed. Her blue diamond ring was stolen from her finger and she sets out to get it back. Lightening Dawn is a black tracker. Together they set out to get it back. Soon they come face to face with the bushranger. He warns Jessica he’ll stop at nothing to take back what she steals including her death. On the trail of the blue diamond Jessica and Lightening Dawn fall in love. Will love triumph?

My Own Universe

Free - 75 pages

Simon was a successful student with a promising career ahead of him. However, a new immersive video game has been released where he is able to create his own world and shape and destroy it however he wishes. Simon gradually grows addicted to this game until slowly but surely his addiction ruins his college life and he becomes a recluse back at home with his parents. As his addiction grows worse Simon begins to lose touch between what is real and what is just part of the game until tragedy results.

The Land of Miu

Free - 240 pages

2nd Edition, originally published with the title "Cat's Eyes". This is the first book in The Land of Miu series. Twelve year old Kate Dawson is unhappy at home. Her widowed mother has remarried and Kate has a stepfather and a six year old half-sister, Emma, who is nothing but a pest. She knows the resentment she feels towards Emma and her stepfather is making her mum unhappy, but Kate is confused by the deep feelings of guilt and jealousy that plague her. One morning, Emma disappears down a mystical looking well. Irritated but worried, Kate follows and the two girls are thrust into the tunnels of Miu, an unknown place built within the lava tunnels of an extinct volcano. They meet a young Miuan princess and her guard, who are on the run, and the girls are instantly swept into a danger that will test their skills, their friendship and their love.

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Free - 699 pages

An alien princess exiled to Earth.
An arrogant boy.
One week to get back to her planet or she'll die.
And, her only chance for survival? She must help the boy find his soul mate. 
Piece of cake!

3 + 3

Free - 39 pages

Things might have been normal, had Theo never picked up a dice…

Johnny Doesn't Drink Champagne

Free - 545 pages

I’m seventeen and he’s twenty-one.
That’s okay… isn’t it?

He drives a Lamborghini.
So what?

He was born in 1462.

He seeks revenge, but there is one person standing in his way.

On a high school trip to London, Madison Lambourne meets seductive stranger Johnny De Vere, who believes he knows her already, and is torn between love and revenge. 
Eager to learn more about this beautiful, lonely, young man, Madison agrees to go with him to a re-enactment at the Tower of London. Dressed as a highborn medieval lady in a black velvet gown, she accidentally slips through a doorway that leads to the past. Knowing she will not last long on the streets of medieval London, Johnny must follow her… with devastating consequences for them both. 

A wild time-travel adventure full of love, lies, mystery and betrayal.


Free - 69 pages

Blending fact and fiction, this tale of adventure is set in 1940, just after the Germans invade France. It follows two British officers who parachute into the country in an attempt to rescue a French aircraft designer, a man whose designs could decide the fate of the war.

Split into 6 parts, this account of one of the darkest times of World War 2, told through the eyes of two British airmen, is a rip roaring tale that will have readers eagerly turning the pages right through to the end.

At roughly 9,500 words, Part 1 of the action/adventure serial known as Last Plane out of Paris, is an enjoyable action packed read.

After signing up to hinder the German advance, Bill Edwards finds himself in France after crash landing. He makes his way to the town of Nancy only to find that things are not what they seem.

Why isn’t anyone talking?

Why is the plan doomed to fail?

And, with the Germans closer than they had ever imagined, what propels him to travel deeper into France?

Find out now by reading ATTACKED!

Trouble with Angels

Free - 362 pages

Nimbus and Celestial are the first divine on the Ethereal Realm since time unremembered. Still, even fledgling angels must prove themselves to earn a place in Seraph training with the revered Archangels. And so far, Nimbus is an unmitigated disaster: his arrows go awry, he's addicted to human food and the Nymphs run if there's the vaguest hint he'll attempt a spell. When all the Gods and Archangels on the Ethereal Realm abruptly disappear, it's up to Celestial, their irresponsible Ambrosia-swilling tutor Bacchus, and Nimbus to put things right. With his confidence lower than an orc's backside and his skills even worse, how can one little fledgling angel hope to prevail against the vicious Fallen and their evil master Azazel? If Nimbus fails this time, the consequences for the Three Realms are far more dire than his punishment for torching Zeus' eyebrows.)

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Dusty Miller 1

Free - 860 pages
Warning: Contains sexual graphic references.

This is a gritty tale of one girl's struggle to survive. Dusty Miller, abandoned by her father when she was just three, and abused by her mother and her mother's boyfriends until she was thrown out on the streets at fifteen. But Dusty is a fighter, made tough by her experiences, she has had to battle her way through each day, stealing cars to survive. She also gets high on drugs, booze and uses language that would make a sailor blush.
Sentenced to six months community service in a rest home, she quickly discovers not all the inhabitants are alive. 

Contains sexual graphic references.

What A Waste

Free - 41 pages

Chase Ransom is a high tech garbage man, and proud of it. He should be. Garbage of the future is a valuable commodity, and mining old landfills is big business. But he isn't the only one in the business. One of his mob-connected competitors is getting in his way. Now Chase must teach him a lesson if he wants to stay on top.

Also Included in Space and Waste, Anthology #1 (ISBN 9781476008561) and Anthology #3 (ISBN 9781476122038)

Sarah Smiles

Free - 466 pages

It's Nineteen ninety one and eleven year old Paul and his family have just moved to the climatic sunshine paradise of Cyprus with his father's work as an army sergeant with the Royal Engineers.

On Paul's first day at school he is befriended by the dominant school bully Michael who takes young Paul under his sinister wing. Michael though only wants to hang out with Paul after school since they are neighbours and the only same age kids on their respective army estate and introduces Paul to the beautiful but wildly dangerous and adventurous world of the surrounding wasteland caves and valleys.

Things though take a turn for the worst when Michael bullies Paul into steeling some cigarettes from his dad's bar on the base and the two run off underneath a local bridge to try and smoke them. Here Michael is 'accidentally' urinated on from the top of the bridge by another young boy, Ben, who Michel and Paul chase into a local park to beat up for his prank.

Paul wants nothing to do with the savage beating, but has no choice in the matter with bully Michael over dominating him and forcing Paul to hit the boy too. The young boy though is finally saved by his older sister, Sarah, a pretty tomboy girl from Michael and Paul's class at school.

Paul is completely spellbound by Sarah and not only because of her pretty and athletic looks, but also her rough and tough no nonsense edged ways and handling of the bully Michael who, as of yet, has never been spoken to or stood up to before, the way Sarah stood up to him.

From here on in this incident sets off a series of events that brings the homely, well rounded Paul and the troubled young Sarah's worlds together and the two begin an unusual but adventurous and exciting friendship that will stay with them for the rest of their lives, as they both become a solid shoulder for each other to cry on while helping one another to confront their inner most fears and demons.

From the mystery of Sarah's Mother's sudden disappearance to the trials and tribulations of growing up on a British army base with Sarah's domestic abuse issues living in a broken home with her alcoholic father to Paul's school bullying from the borderline psychotic Michael, Summertime adventures on the gorgeous Cypriot beaches and bondoo wasteland valleys to haunted houses, dealing with growing up on the move and first teen romances. All the while dealing with that delicate yet rough transition into teenage-hood.

Messy Make-Believe

Free - 85 pages

Make-believe can be messy. But when little Chandra makes one mess too many her mother decides to create a make-believe mess of her own. Only she goes too far, trapping herself and her daughter in a make-believe adventure beyond any child’s game.

More Than a Game

Free - 220 pages

Finn's father, a powerful fairy lord, is abducted by an ambitious rival. It falls to Finn and his brother and sister to find a champion to help get their father back. Finn is not thrilled with the choice of champion, an unknown and unlikely human teenager. However ,tha champion brings his own sister, who proves a valuable ally in a struggle that costs more than any of them anticipated.

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Season Of The Harvest

Free - 1126 pages

What if the genetically modified crops that we’re being forced to depend on for food weren’t really created by man? What if they had a far more sinister purpose?

FBI Special Agent Jack Dawson investigates the gruesome murder of his best friend and fellow agent who had been pursuing a group of eco-terrorists. The group’s leader, Naomi Perrault, is a beautiful geneticist who Jack believes conspired to kill his friend, and is claiming that a major international conglomerate developing genetically engineered crops is plotting a sinister transformation of our world that will lead humanity to extinction. As Jack is drawn into a quietly raging war that suddenly explodes onto the front pages of the news, he discovers that her claims may not be so outrageous after all. Together, the two of them must battle a horror Jack could never have imagined, with the fate of all life on Earth hanging in the balance…

Horror D'ourves

Free - 99 pages

6 short stories that are cannibalistic in nature. In Don't Play With Your Food, a young couple on a camping trip find themselves fighting for their lives. This is followed by Dinner, in which a woman discovers her husband is cheating on her, with their neighbor. Fire involves a young boy that tortures animals and Ghost's From the Past reunites a father and daughter for a family Feast. In Family Ties a cousing brings a meal to her cousin only to find he has a feast of his own already prepared. The collection concludes with The Beast Inside, a story about a young werewolf who grows tired of being bullied and decides to bite back. If you have never read my writing and are looking for something to sample before buying, this would be a great addition to your library.

Intrigue: The Night Muse Trilogy

Free - 614 pages

Amid the 80,000 abandoned buildings in Detroit, a battle shrouded in secrecy is brewing. The Greek Olympian, Ares, runs the city as his own personal Coliseum while Apollo and Hermes struggle to shield teens from his deadly hobbies. Ares endless supply of gladiators is all the more accessible because the abandoned buildings of Detroit have become the flame for moths of ravers, vandals, scavengers, and urban explorers. The key to the entire conflict, Calliope, is just hoping for a fresh start now that her lifelong crush has finally noticed her. Although hoping for a fresh start in Detroit, is like saying you’re going to Las Vegas in search of true love. She soon catches the notice of one of the Immortals that recognizes her for what she is: a Night Muse. A Muse is a human that carries the soul of an Olympian within her, which gives the god immense power. Until Calliope reaches adulthood and awakens as a Bright Muse, there is no way to determine who her soul mate is. The Immortals start to draw Calliope and the people she loves into a deadly chess match. With her best friend’s life at stake, Calliope must seize control of her destiny and eliminate the deadly threat herself.

Ereolon's Day of Demons

Free - 39 pages

Ardon Longvine, half elf and half ogre, has the ability to control others’ minds to the point where they feel, want, need or perceive whatever he tells them to. Where most would abuse this power, Ardon uses it to make others laugh, performing regular morning shows where he makes volunteers see and do hilarious things.

When Ardon discovers that the village elders of Ereolon are demons wearing the real elders’ flesh, he brings out latent magical abilities in the village’s elves, but with dire unforeseen consequences… The natural elven magic Ardon released in the villagers, combined with his mind control, has a strange effect on the elves. 

Did Ardon make the right choice, or has he sealed his village’s doom?

Dream Whispers

Free - 487 pages