Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ereolon's Day of Demons

Free - 39 pages

Ardon Longvine, half elf and half ogre, has the ability to control others’ minds to the point where they feel, want, need or perceive whatever he tells them to. Where most would abuse this power, Ardon uses it to make others laugh, performing regular morning shows where he makes volunteers see and do hilarious things.

When Ardon discovers that the village elders of Ereolon are demons wearing the real elders’ flesh, he brings out latent magical abilities in the village’s elves, but with dire unforeseen consequences… The natural elven magic Ardon released in the villagers, combined with his mind control, has a strange effect on the elves. 

Did Ardon make the right choice, or has he sealed his village’s doom?

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