Monday, September 10, 2012


Free - 592 pages

An occult sect attempt to prevent the upcoming century of destruction and herald in a new age at the end of the 19th Century. Georges Steil, a fallen warlock, is invited to join this group and quickly learns that paradise comes with a price and spurns the offer. 

With less than a year to save the planet, Georges races against time to stop them as he finds himself cast as the unlikely protector of a dystopian future. His ex-lover, Thea Poulou, joins him on his quest to rally mankind, a decision she constantly questions, for going against her pragmatic nature and joining him on this folly sees her adrift, a sane woman in a sea of madmen. Despite her lack of power or significance, with millions of lives on the line, her own life seems to be in the most danger. 

Come January 1st, 1900, the Belle Époque carries on...or comes crashing down in devastating fashion.

Also available as part of the collection 'Cults, Curses & Cryptids'.

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