Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Govicide: Comply

Free - 880 pages

Like Atlas Shrugged, Fahrenheit 451, and 1984 before it, Govicide: Comply intertwines science fiction with political ideology to create a “this could happen” future world.

As the story begins, Homicide Detective Michael Locke prepares to interrogate the perpetrator of a two-year murder spree of Govicide Agents, Hamilton. In the encounter, Hamilton answers Locke’s questions with talk of Pyramids, a famous person, and how the One World Government (the OWG) is not as it seems. Locke leaves empty-handed thinking he blew a chance at becoming a Govicide Agent. But, those thoughts take a back seat when he discovers his girlcomrade, Jade, is pregnant against an OWG mandate.

But, when Locke’s superior at Homicide informs him the Govicide Director wishes to see the Detective, Locke jumps at the chance. He accepts his promotion, even though he knows that if the OWG discovers Jade’s pregnancy, he and she will be banned from the OWG and eventually die.

A possible escape hatch reveals itself when Locke’s new partner--a grizzled Govicide veteran, Alex Hiss-- tells him Hamilton’s murders were part of a bigger conspiracy. The murders weren't random at all but part of a plan to move cash--an un-mandated tool of Offenders--around the World. Locke figures if he solves this even bigger case the OWG will let him slide on the illegal pregnancy.

But, with the delivery of a note by a secret Messenger, Locke finds out someone else knows of the pregnancy. Now, in a race against time, Locke must solve the case before the news becomes public.

Along the way, he finds Hamilton’s cryptic words starting to echo in his head; Hiss becomes more of a hindrance than a help on the case; cash starts to appear in remote locations all over the World, and upside down U’s start to appear--seemingly out of nowhere--wherever Locke looks . . . and he's the only one who notices them.

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