Monday, September 24, 2012

Costumes and Filigree

Free - 926 pages

Christine Daae's sole goal in life is to fulfill her late father's dream by becoming a famous singer, and attaining wealth, power, and glory for herself. But she isn't a very good singer, and her career as a ballerina at the Opera Garnier isn't going anywhere. That is, until she meets the Angel of Music, who agrees to teach her to sing.
Erik, the self-styled Phantom of the Opera, cursed his lonely and pointless life until he found Christine, who desperately needed a musical instructor. Despite her bratty and demanding nature, he is overjoyed that his years of study in the musical arts will finally be useful to someone.
Raoul, the Vicomte de Chagny is a foppish nobleman trying to cram as many seductions as possible into the three months before his wedding. After seeing one of Christine’s performances, he decides that she will be the perfect final seduction of his bachelor career.
As Christine works to achieve her dreams, her struggle between love and greed, beauty and ugliness, kindness and hauteur, sets Paris ablaze.

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