Saturday, September 22, 2012

One Less Warlock

Free - 52 pages

A Lunch Hour Read

Emile, River City's most powerful warlock, has been stabbed in the back and murdered in his own home. When the police can't get inside the warlock's house--which is protected by magic--Detective Prosper turns to Babet Spellbound for help. Babet, a witch, slowly begins to release Emile's wards and in doing so, is plunged into a locked room mystery. But as Babet helps detectives, the case becomes more puzzling: If no enemy could get past the warlock's protections, then how was he killed? And by whom? Finding the answers leads Babet to question Lillith--a succubus madam--and leads her to a settlement of women and children on the river banks that she never knew existed...a tight group of females who don't welcome outsiders into their midst.

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