Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Dream Cosmopolitan

Free - 469 pages

Death had watched the Metropolis fall apart, and knew that his work in the dream project was far from over. 

The Magistrate, still obsessed with his pursuit of transcendence, has sent him into a new world, Eutopia. With a new appearance, a new alias, and a new purpose, Maximilian now wanders a world where religious beliefs have blurred the line between reality and dream forever.

Eutopia is a world encompassing a living God, one who has supported the humans living upon it for hundreds of years; the dream has gone beyond just space, but into time itself, creating history entirely from human imagination.

Beneath the abstraction of the dream, Maximilian, the Cosmopolitan himself, will find that him and the other Dreamers are not alone. A cosmic horror lurks inside the dream worlds, seeking to devour all who dream.

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