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The Aeolian Master Book One : Revival

Free - 1281 pages

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It could have been considered a whirlwind event, but it was more like a hurricane of circumstances and political intrigue that brought him to the Galaef. No one at this level of government would take an interest in the myth of the Aeolian Master, unless there was some nefarious subplot lurking just below the surface. But why had they involved him--a nobody from an insignificant planet?           

Not Another Vampire Story

Free - 174 pages

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Of course, a trail of sparkling would have helped, but there was none. Full sunlight, garlic bread and functional in all the usual boyfriend-material capacities, it was difficult to detect at first, but yes, Terry was a vampire.

Sylvia knew Julia was in deep trouble. Worse yet, Julia didn't seem to mind.      

Interview with an Android

Free - 37 pages

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(Short story) Popular and irreverent talk-radio show host, Chip Gregory interviews his latest controversial public figure – an android named Paul, who claims to believe in God. While on the airwaves of his volatile and popular call-in talk radio show, Chip finds his audience just as explosive as its subject matter.           

Fools Rush In

Free - 272 pages

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Ever wonder how Italian sounds with a Southern drawl?

Bella Rossi's life is just starting to get interesting. When her Italian-turned-Texan parents hand over the family wedding-planning business, Bella quickly books a Boot-Scootin' wedding that would make any Texan proud. There's only one catch--she doesn't know a thing about country music. Where will she find a deejay on such short notice who knows his Alan Jackson from his George Strait? And will Bella ever get to plan her own wedding?

Fun, fresh, and full of surprises, this flavorful combination of Italian and Tex-Mex highlights the hilarity that ensues when cultures clash.

"I fell in love with the Rossi clan, who feel as passionately about their pizza as Texans do about chili. Add a hunky cowboy with a slow Southern drawl, and you've got a recipe for one terrific story."--Virginia Smith, author, Stuck in the Middle

"A charming tale about stumbling upon love and finding a bit of your true self along life's journey. This fun read makes you grateful for the truly important things in life."--Megan DiMaria, author, Searching for Spice and Out of Her Hands

Janice Thompson is a seasoned romance author and native Texan. An experienced wedding coordinator herself, Thompson brings alive in her books the everyday drama and humor of getting married. She lives in Texas.

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Free - 298 pages

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Detective Reginald Thomas Williams was on the fast track to promotional success.
Now, subsequent to the shooting, he was a man barely holding on. His wife left him. He’s two steps away from being a full blown alcoholic, and there is a serial killer nicknamed ‘The Animal’ loose on Bay City’s streets.
Can he hold it together long enough to get his man and reclaim his life? Will his wife even want him back? Who is this ‘Animal’ that has the city’s female population afraid to go out at night? Is ‘The Animal’ really who everyone thinks he is?
Follow the investigation to learn the answers to these questions and more, in Author Robert Shroud’s new book, ‘Irony’           


Free - 445 pages

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With tuition fees looming, University student, Cassia Tiponi, offers herself as a guinea pig to the science department. 
After much poking and prodding by future doctors, a blood test reveals something startling... Cassia does not have human DNA.
While being hunted by a dark faction of the govt., she must uncover the secrets surrounding her mysterious birth to discover who...and what...she is.

Larson's Point

Free - 170 pages

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“I’d had a bad run. Everyone has one. Mine had started a year ago and somehow got out of hand. I borrowed money, used credit, knowing my luck was bound to change. And it did. It went from bad to worse. I was in deep and way overdue.”

Jay Tucker is a Seattle PI whose last missing person’s case ended badly and sent him on a downhill slide. Now, he’s in deep to a loan shark and his bad habits and bad associations are starting to catch up with him. He takes a case that he hopes will get him out of it and instead finds himself in the crosshairs and running for his life.      


Free - 46 pages

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Ba Rainy's life comes under new management. She's hopeful to gain some super powers or some sort of miracle from the Miracle Gro in her shoes. Short fiction. About 1300 words. Contemporary fantasy.


Free - 500 pages

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A darkness more than night. A man in search of vengeance.

By night he is Fury, a solitary figure protecting the streets of Chicago. Defender of victims who fall between the cracks of Justice and Law, he was spawned by violence--forged by gunfire, blood, and tragedy.

By day he is Hunter Grayson, widower and ex-cop. With no room in his life for compassion or distraction, Hunter has one goal: Find the men responsible for his wife's murder and bring them to justice.

His mission leads him to Grace Locke.

Unlike the hundreds of other faceless victims he's rescued, Hunter finds himself drawn to her. The attraction is equally unsettling for Grace, who doesn't understand how she can share a bond with the vigilante in black leather, yet knows the electricity between them is undeniable.

To ignore it is impossible. To accept it is lunacy.

As Grace is seduced deeper into Hunter's world of night and shadows, the secrets of the past-- secrets someone would kill to protect-- are resurrected. As the danger moves closer, Grace must place her life and her heart in the hands of a man whose face she's never seen or die.

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Mighty Hammer Down

Free - 880 pages

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The small flames of the old magic roar to mighty infernos; burning some and lighting the way for others. Great beasts now walk the earth again, and the gods themselves have come down to influence the world of man once more. But the new god of war is not interested in their agenda. He fights with all his might for the freedom of mankind, struggling to bring light to the coming darkness.

The Warning

Free - 111 pages

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Gwen Michaels moved to California to start a new life. But sometimes you just can't ignore when someone is in trouble.

The Warning is a free short thriller (approx 2000 words) by S.L. Pierce.

Backyard Zombies

Free - 38 pages

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Romeo and Juliet. Heathcliff and Catherine. Ricky and . . . a zombie he's keeping chained in his backyard? Okay, so their romance won't be one for the ages. But it sure is doomed.

My Review:

Dimension Shifter

Free - 646 pages

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The dimensions are in chaos, magic is illegal, and water is a rare commodity. Kyrin is running from the law. As a magic user, she’s marked for death, and as a run-away from the Shadowmere, she’s hunted as a weapon. Shifting between dimensions is all that’s kept her alive.

On the brink of being caught by the Shadowmere, Kyrin stumbles into a dimension devoid of the drought and seemingly untouched by the wrath of the Consortiums. In this dimension she finds a people innocent of the evils of the universe and naïve to the worlds surrounding them.

Lord Alric has ruled over his kingdom for 15 years under the direction of their god, Sithias. Before his time, the gods fought, and evil was removed from the lands. It isn’t until Kyrin arrives that he’s even considered that evil may still be among them, or that the long-dead use of magic may still be around.

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Free - 877 pages

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For fans of Robert E. Howard, David Gemmell, and Raymond E. Feist, here is a new story of sword and sorcery.

Banished for fifteen years, the wandering knight Mazael Cravenlock returns home at last to the Grim Marches, only to find war and chaos. His brother plans a foolish and doomed rebellion. His sister hopes to wed a brutal and cruel knight. The whispers speak of living corpses that stalk the night, of demons that lurk in darkness, and a sinister snake-cult that waits in the shadows.

Yet Mazael's darkest enemy waits elsewhere.

Within his own tainted soul...

First published in 2005 from Gale/Five Star, now updated and revised in a new electronic edition.

A Turn of Curses

Free - 121 pages

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Nineteen year old Selina has a life many would love–praised, served, and spoiled. The only problem is she didn't choose that life, because it comes with a heavy price. She will soon die, like all Healers, when the mark of Y'dom completes its pattern around her neck, and hers is nearly complete. Her gift of healing powers are sought after by all, including the ruling prince of a neighboring kingdom to heal his ailing father. Seeing this as her last chance for adventure, she makes the journey to Vastorn.

En route she encounters Faldon, the fallen leader of the feyquin, and his band of rogues. Cursed by a demon and swearing vengeance on the human who shares his curse, Faldon does all he can to stop Selina from completing her journey. But he also knows how to save Selina, if she survives the night mares.           

Rogue Hunter: Gaia #1: Into the Abyss

Free - 77 pages

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Intergalactic bounty hunter Zyra Zanr pursues a dangerous fugitive in possession of a mysterious, but deadly weapon. Zyra must recapture this weapon before it is unleashed upon the unsuspecting people of the galaxy.

My Review:

The Last Call

Free - 461 pages

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The Last Call starts with a protagonist on the edge of an impending midlife crisis. Add a blond and an old friend with a fetish for high explosives, and you have the kickoff of a first- rate crime novel. George Wier writes with wit, verve, and a gut bucket knowledge of Texas and those who people its quirky underside. This book does not disappoint.

—Milton T. Burton, author of Nights of the Red Moon and The Rogue’s Game.

George Wier's The Last Call has it all: a great setting, characters you care about, a little Texas history, and a twisty plot that's built Texas tough. Get it before last call!

—Bill Crider, author of Murder In the Air.

Bill Travis believes that he may not live the most exciting of lives, yet when Julie Simmons steals two million dollars from North Texas quarter horse racer and illegal liquor baron Archie Carpin, the last of a dynasty of criminals from the 1920's, thus ensues a chase across the Lone Star State to recover the money. Carpin's cohorts may seem simple-minded, yet their penchant for sniper rifles and high-explosives makes for a reckless and deadly quarry. Yet, through all this action the compelling tale of another mystery--the 80-year unclosed missing-persons file of a U.S. Marshall--begins to unravel.

George Wier has been writing for over twenty-five years. His most recent publishing credits include a contribution to Lone Star Noir (Akashic Books 2010). He lives in Austin, Texas with his lovely wife, Sallie.

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Free - 747 pages

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Dan Tompkins, dead of supernatural causes at age 22, washes up on Lethe, where souls go to forget life and strive for Elysium. Pining for Gina, the love he left behind, Dan wants out. He teams with rogue soul Marco Sabonis to find a way back to the land of life. The Elysial powers are not amused. There may be Hell to pay. 

Faster Than Light: Dobhriathar

Free - 186 pages

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The Heilmann Drive allowed humanity to spread across the stars and prosper for nearly two thousand years. But when the use of the device begins to eat into the fabric of the universe, the People's Interstellar Republic bans all faster-than-light travel. A new age begins, one of isolation and stagnation, and becomes known as the Fall.

One rebel, Captain Seth Garland, steals the last starship in existence. He is now mankind's only hope of re-uniting the stars.

Dobhriathar: As Caitlin tries to figure out how she fits in aboard the ISS Fenghuang, the rebel crew visits an ancient solar mining station in search of materials to improve the ship. There, they discover an abandoned mining team that has been stuck on the station since the beginning of the Fall.


Free - 28 pages

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Long before 'That 70's Show', there was the 70's. And the kids living then were no different from those living now. Lighter on technology, perhaps, as Facebook was a phone in a bedroom and the internet was a thousand books at the library. But the age-old need to be known and belong was the same; an awkward battle fought amidst low self-esteem, pimples and peer pressure. Some seemed to sail above it all. Or so we thought.  

At Times Not Human: Part 1, It's Eating Him Alive

Free - 379 pages

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Fin, the director of a Psychiatric Emergency Service, must capture 16 year old Kim's psychotic and sadistic father. Her father is a psychiatrist specializing in hypnosis whom Fin suspects to be possessed. Fin must break through all the brainwashing and hypnotic commands before her father kills Kim or pushes her to suicide.... At the same time a busload of Fin's bad karma pulls into Jersey City and the first ones off the bus are five teenagers who have been decapitated, castrated and eaten alive by a clinical Lycanthrope -a fabled werewolf.

No one knows if the gruesome killer is a psychotic human, a clinical werewolf or a demon. Fin was trained by by the Catholic Church to be a Priest and the F.B.I as a hostage negotiator. He believes he is capable of resolving everything until the demon attempts to possess him and the werewolf stalks him. Then the army of crack dealers decides that Fin must die. Who will try to kill Fin first ? Based upon actual, clinical cases.... 

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Spooks and Magic

Free - 458 pages

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Student Alana Weatherbee is suspected of murdering her werewolf boyfriend, Logan, while under the influence of the evil Book of Spells. Alana finds herself caught in a 3-way battle between Headmaster Barns, demon wizard Cafzf and the Book of Spells. She wants to keep the book and its power, however she knows she needs to let it go before it consumes her. But will the Book of Spells let her go?


Free - 150 pages

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Award-winning Australian author tells a remarkable story guaranteed to appeal to young readers. Noah's world is shattered when a tsunami sweeps his home away and he and his grandmother escape in a small boat. Lost at sea they rescue three animals, finally landing in a deserted cove surrounded by mountains. A month later Noah meets an ancient man and is given clues to help them return home.

A Jalapeno For The Vampire

Free - 29 pages

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Kidnapped and thrown into the lair of a deadly vampire, Susan Smith fights through the terror of her plight to survive. Will the evil creature get her in the end or will she find a way to defeat him?

Lately, and My Dreams

Free - 297 pages

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Aundri can't stop dreaming. She closes her eyes and can barely tell the difference between her nightmares and her real life. Her dreams are interferring with her waking life, and the issues in her waking life seem to be the main source of all the strange dreams. Can Aundri take control of her problems,or will the line between her real life and her dreams become permanently unrecognizable?