Thursday, September 27, 2012

Trouble with Angels

Free - 362 pages

Nimbus and Celestial are the first divine on the Ethereal Realm since time unremembered. Still, even fledgling angels must prove themselves to earn a place in Seraph training with the revered Archangels. And so far, Nimbus is an unmitigated disaster: his arrows go awry, he's addicted to human food and the Nymphs run if there's the vaguest hint he'll attempt a spell. When all the Gods and Archangels on the Ethereal Realm abruptly disappear, it's up to Celestial, their irresponsible Ambrosia-swilling tutor Bacchus, and Nimbus to put things right. With his confidence lower than an orc's backside and his skills even worse, how can one little fledgling angel hope to prevail against the vicious Fallen and their evil master Azazel? If Nimbus fails this time, the consequences for the Three Realms are far more dire than his punishment for torching Zeus' eyebrows.)

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