Thursday, September 13, 2012

City of Gold

Free - 514 pages

It was dark when Lorelle awoke. She made several attempts to get up before finally succeeding, and stood for a moment trying to remember what had happened. Trembling, she stared at the house as though she could see through the stone exterior to where her master sat; his head rolled to one side, an over-turned bottle of whiskey on the floor next to his chair.

He had beaten her and left her for dead, kicked snow over her to hide her from any passing travelers. She was outside; no locked door stood between her and her freedom. Some force nearly compelled her to go back into the house willingly, but something inside her wouldn't allow it. 

She stared at the house for a moment longer before turning away and stumbling into the forest. She was almost certain that the cold would kill her, but she didn't care.

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