Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Strange Reunion

Free - 484 pages

'Strange Reunion' is set in a time when the Offland Alliance and the Federation have been at war for generations. Zizi a young, angry and determined young woman, will risk anything to leave the Planet after being 'saved' from the Offlands by the Federation. Zizi does not know why the Federation keep her with Refugee status, one step away from being excluded from society, left to survive on the streets with the other rejects. 

Zizi is subjected to mind probes which focus on the explosion when her brother abandoned her and the time she spent living on the Offlands. When Zizi is reunited with her brother she knows it is because the Federation want to use their telepathic link. But Zizi is a Refugee and Yret is a Federation Officer and Zizi will not cooperate. The Federation push Zizi to a point where she has no choice but to join them. 

Read 'Sight Out of Time', the sequel to 'Strange Reunion', when Zizi has to make the hardest choice of all.

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