Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Heart of the Wild

Free - 386 pages

Book One (of the Amory's) John Douglas thinks nothing of asking Chayton Amory to go get his daughter before her wedding and bring her to his cabin. Why should he, he thinks of Chayton like a son. But Chayton isn't a willing participant. And Kasie Moore, John's daughter is a hell-cat to live with. Chayton should know, he was gonna marry her eight years ago.

A blizzard traps them in the small confines of Chayton's cabin, forcing them to admit some strong under current of feelings for each other.

Kasie has Chayton pegged for a "yes man" for her father. Little does she know that he loved her dearly eight years ago when she walked away from their engagement.

Pride keeps Chayton from admitting his love, and lack of trust comes between them even though their kisses scorch the very snow.

Two strong willed people come together in a malestorm of passion and love, if they can only get past the old hurts they've caused each other. Can love survive the heart of the wild?

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