Monday, July 2, 2012

Ember Rising Light

Free - 1392 pages

There’s really no way to prepare…for something…like this…

Step into the shrouded realm of mysteries – a place where ordinary people have extraordinary abilities, where dark shadows hide unspeakable evil and pure light veils unbelievable power…

Tray and Ember Pateman are gypsies, living on their own, hiding in plain sight. They appear to be average high school siblings, but appearances can be deceiving. Gifted with supernatural abilities, they must learn to wield their epic powers before the approaching evil arrives.

Join them as they face off against the wicked shadows. Unearth a clandestine culture. Discover the shrouded unknown. Begin to unravel the mysteries in Ember Rising Light, book one in the epic fantasy six book Ember Series.

Will you dare…to brave…the dark?

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