Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Sunwright Chronicles: Empire at War

Free - 832 pages

Kirmar, the pinnacle of civilization in the world of Tera is on the brink of destruction. A barbarian super tribe known as the Nords has invaded from the East. The Nords have already captured a powerful duchy of Kirmar, now the Nords pour into central Kirmar and threaten to march on the Imperial Capital Itself.

For nine hundred years the Sunwright family has defended Kirmar and supported its powerful Imperial Family. Now the Imperial family has been all but destroyed by war and disease. To make matters worse Paris and Suadela the head of the Sunwright family have mysteriously disappeared.

Tobias, Calia, and Pershing Sunwright are left to weather the storm without the guidance of their parents. Tobias is the Marshal of Kirmar commander of what is left of the Imperial Army. Calia is a gifted physician with a hidden talent, and Pershing is a talented diplomat and mage. Even together they might not be able to save the country they love.

Claudius Semper Titus heir to the throne of Kirmar resides in the powerful Elven nation of Garion. Wed to the beautiful Elven Princess Lirial, Claudius has to decide whether he is ready to take charge of an Empire that stands on the brink of Destruction.

Vepgenus former general of Kirmar is taken hostage, forced to serve the rebel Ricimer whose betrayal has aided the crumbling of the empire. Vepgenus’s sister and nephew are captive, under the threat of the death of his loved ones Vepgenus must serve the rebel. Though all seems bleak everything is about to change for Vepgenus as an unexpected gift in the form of a beautiful girl is delivered to him.

The Great General Belisarius watches helplessly as Kirmar falls slowly to the enemy. Belisarius is bound by an order to help protect the Southern Empire of Imaldris. He waits with his army ready to move at any time to push back the invading Nords. Soon an event will happen that will help change his mind and his priorities.

The powerful Elven nation of Garion stands at an impasse. King Thomas refuses to come to the aide of the ailing Empire of Kirmar, his nobles do not agree with his decision and as a result unrest is building in the nobility of the Elves. Personally King Thomas finds himself unable to control his emotions as years of turmoil within his family take its toil. A difficult decision will soon be made by the King.

Balcar son of King Tiede of the Nords moves his army slowly southwards, destroying the small forces that Kirmar can throw against him. He is distracted in his southward march by the rich plunders the country offers. Will his slow march affect his ultimate goal to capture the Imperial Capital of Kirmar?

The powerful nation of Wuttenburg floods spies into Kirmar to further de-stabilize their hated enemy. Though outnumbered the talented spies and agents of Kirmar fight their secret war with brutal effectiveness, but a new player is about to enter the shadow war.

Join the epic story as it unfolds in “The Sunwright Chronicles – Empire at War”

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