Friday, August 31, 2012

Budding Magic

Free - 790 pages

Ireland – 1838

Aine’s O’Byrne’s gift of foresight had shown her the coming famine in Ireland that would destroy the potato crop. She saw the millions of Irish that would perish during this time. Desperate to alleviate some of her people’s peril, she and her husband Keegan set up magical devices that would aid the Irish. Before all these protections could be finished, Keegan was senselessly murdered.

Keegan’s death brought Aine a lot of gut wrenching sorrow—and maybe a little madness. Aine finishes the protections, but realizes that she does not have the strength to survive the birth of her child.

On the day of Haley’s arrival, Aine activates the magical devices with Birth and then Death magic—her death magic.

Shocked, the six daughters find themselves orphaned with mysterious magic’s working around them. They will have to learn how to deal with their own budding magic, the needy villagers, and the upcoming famine.

With the help of Druantia herself—and some special friends—the sisters will find the courage, the daring, and the determination to battle all the odds set up against them. They learn about freedom—the cost of freedom—life’s ironies, and the bonding of sisterhood.

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