Friday, August 31, 2012

Under The Blue

Free - 1295 pages
Warning: Adult Content

Being the two youngest sons of a conservative Christian pastor, David and Dillon Smith have a bond that keeps them closely connected. Over the course of just six days however, David unknowingly opens their closet door to another world every time he dreams. Their struggle to stay connected is suddenly challenged by a darkness that has invited itself into their bedroom. Drawn to their bond, this entity becomes intent on breaking them apart and collecting for himself, their souls. Caught in a struggle between three worlds, the brothers will learn what it is like to be only human.

Author note: If you are interested in the remainder of the series, please read them in order. I have chosen not to backtrack or review the storyline. It just goes on and on...

(16+ Contains profanity, violence, and sexual references.)

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