Friday, August 24, 2012

Gods' Masks

Free - 689 pages

The people of Tryailla have few concerns. The godlike beings that care for them provide anything that is required, but when long forgotten enemies resurface, their peaceful lives are destroyed. With threats appearing all around them, Altruvia and Graiylin, the heirs to the throne, discover the true extent of their own powers. 

Unfortunately, their enemies fail to be thwarted by this new obstacle. Taking Altruvia from her home, they hope to use her power for themselves but she is no willing captive. She hones her fledgling abilities in hopes of escape. With these new skills come new insights about those who hold her hostage. There are many more mysteries she must now solve. 

With Graiylin aiding her escape, she flees from her captors and the relentlessly pursuing Shinga. They embark upon a search for answers that brings them to Egypt 17,000 years ago where they learn the extent of the secrets their mother had kept from them and that the conflicts that plagued their ancestors have yet to be resolved.

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