Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Girl Possessed

Free - 279 pages

"I was pulled into this futuristic world quickly and was surprised at all the unexpected turn of events. Once I started this book I was unable to put it down. I was captivated. Ms. Miliardario has created such a powerful story with good vs evil, magic, danger, adventure, death and a budding romance." Tifferz Book Review

"This was a nicely balanced story of a post-apocalyptic world, paranormal romance and shapeshifters. Take an imperfect heroine and turn her already hard to survive in world upside down even further, and then add a boy to the mix who is as deadly as he pulls off appearing perfect... I look forward to reading on to what happens next in the sequel." Fantasy Cookie Book Blog Review

Magic, Danger, Romance!


Cordellia thinks she is a typical, average teenager until one morning she is shocked out of her mind when she sees her body changing into a mythological being.


Under great duress, in the most dangerous situations, a gorgeous, mysterious boy rescues Cordellia and her mother from violent shape-shifters who have taken over post apocalyptic Los Angeles. Now on the run, as the clock is ticking, he rushes them away to a dystopian society that offers refuge. But soon they are fighting for their lives.


Cordellia finds true love and romance in the most unexpected place. First love takes her breath away, even in the darkest hour.

***Recommended for ages 14 and up for violence like in The Hunger Games and for passionate feelings and kisses like in Twilight.***

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