Monday, August 27, 2012

The Fallen Prince That Never Was

Free - 735 pages

The Fallen Prince That Never Was is a YA humorous Fantasy/Adventure Novel. Set in London 1909, two young orphans – Zack and Suzan – decide to leave all their troubles behind them and stowaway on a ship – The Queen Marry – bound for the Americas. However, after a strange shipwreck at sea they soon find themselves swept into a land of magical fantasy. But when the Dark Lord - King Evil; a frog with a silly red cape who is in need of a good old fashion kiss to break his spell - mistakes Suzan for his Princess and Zack as his ultimate nemesis Prince Charming, it can only mean one thing... trouble!
Cue one fairy and a bucket load of fearless attitude, Cara of the Celtic Meadows, setting in motion a crazed adventure. It’s a daring escape from the clutches of a mighty dragon, the swashbuckling mishaps of Captain Wide Front Silver and his band of robotic pirates, Lion Men and Sand Raiders to a race for survival amongst the beings of an undead civil war - "Hey, do I look like the Fairy Godmother to you; some Blue Genie locked away in a lamp... I don’t think so?!” 
Well, maybe not so fearless, but unfortunately very much full of attitude.
Join the adventure and outrageous mayhem in The Fallen Prince That Never Was.

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