Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dance Into the Dark

Free - 638 pages

Kenna has always felt that her family was different, with the constant moving and the oddly hippie-like views on religion, philosophy, and the world in general. It isn't until they move next to a graveyard and she witnesses something wholly extraordinary that she finds out that her family is different in ways she couldn't have possibly imagined.

She finds herself thrown into the world of shadows, where vampires casually roam the daylight, werewolves teach high school science, and demons are summoned to wreak havoc on their victims. 

With the help of a half-vampire, a being whose sole purpose is to rid the world of evil, she discovers she is more than just the average high school student and must learn to cope with her newfound role in this secret world, where danger and tragedy can strike her or her family at any moment.

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