Friday, September 7, 2012

Dont Ever Change

Free - 61 pages

Don’t Ever Change is a stand alone short story. 
High school was a time of fond memories for Lori. Twenty three years later, she’s back in town for her mother’s funeral. Not wanting to deal with family right away after a long drive, she roams around town, only to find herself in front of her old school.
On a whim, she decides to sneak through a hole in the fence and take a look around. The last thing she expected was to find a classmate from long ago. Even more shocking was the fact that he hadn’t changed even a little bit; right down to the OP shirt and parachute pants.
When Adam explains that he’s been going to school every year for the last twenty three years, it shocks Lori. He shows her the yearbook where she wrote “Don’t Ever Change”. Then he explains how it’s her fault that he’s still exactly the same as when they went to school together, right down to the acne and braces.
How would you feel about never being allowed to change? Perhaps you’ll think a little bit harder the next time someone asks you to sign their yearbook.

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