Thursday, September 6, 2012

When A Dog Plays Cupid

Free - 370 pages

Travel journalist, Drew Webber wants to check on his aunt and get back to his life in New York, but his aunt dies, leaving him tangled in legal red-tape and saddled with a bad tempered Chihuahua. His only hope of escape is Kit McFarlan.

Inheirting her grandmother's dog grooming business left Kit McFarlan in debt to an heiress who dies, naming Kit co-guardian of her least favorite client, Samson, the bad-tempered Chihuahua. When the other co-guardian, Drew Webber, nephew of the heiress, attempts to talk Kit into taking full custody of the Chihuahua, Kit says, 'No'. But one look at Drew and her heart says, 'Yes. Yes. Yes.'

How can Kit honor the woman she liked and repay her debt without making Drew suspicious of her actions?

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